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Grounded In A Gospel (Self-ie) Centered Generation 

Are you “Grounded in the Gospel”?  Not sure what’s going on here but it’s nice to see some of these local self aggrandizing “gospel centered” sites begin to hopefully self cleanse or, if church history is any indication, self destruct. … Continue reading

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Mesmerized & Held Captive By A “Compelling Vision of A Preferable Future”- “The Gathering” within “The Circle”

Watching the movie The Circle last night I couldn’t bear to believe the uncanny resemblance and parallels from our past (not to mention the vanity of SM), bringing on a kind of PTSD of the soul that I’ve heard of … Continue reading

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The Proof is Well Hidden Within the Thick Gospel (Papacy) Pudding

A lengthy response to the insanity continually being unveiled within popular evangelicalism. 1 Timothy 5:19-21 19 Do not accept an accusation against an elder unless it can be confirmed by two or three witnesses. 20 Those guilty of sin must … Continue reading

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Hay, Stubble And A Happy Final Wooden Anniversary and Congratulations are in Order.. 

Take a breath for the following… a little long winded as usual. Well it’s only appropriate to congratulate Crossway Community Church Langley Surrey along with its now defunct surrogate Redemption Hill Church and all their directors & leaders at the … Continue reading

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THE SHACK … Embracing the Pains of Hope, Love and Joy

​ The Shack, an excellent portrayal.  Don’t miss the forest through the trees on this one because of religious rhetoric. In fact, that’s the point being addressed.  It’s time to put away the sterile tools of empty and often dead … Continue reading

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The Modern Crusade.. a second look

Festival of Hope, a side that isn’t so obvious yet critically important. I don’t lay the issues I’m about to point out regarding “the local church” at Mr Franklin Graham’s feet however I believe it’s time to begin to re-evangelize … Continue reading

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Swamp Politics and the “Gospel Centered” Church With  its Self  Declaring  “godly saint” Elites 

As countless media apologies begin to pour in prior to the draining of the swamps and the threat of defamation lawsuits fill the air, valid or not, something different is definitely afoot. The significant exposure to matters of principle and … Continue reading

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