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The Empathy of Christ on the Lam As Some No Longer “Feel Their Pain” & Become Tone Deaf While Patriarchy Has Gone Wild

A Response to Steve Camp (former christian artist) and other patronizing complimentarians out there that associate and align with this man’s ideologies.

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Threats of Litigation & The Whitewashed Underbelly Of Silenced And Secretive Events, The Earmarks & Disconnection of Religious Piety (Orthodoxy) & Church “Life” (Practice) 

“So saddened this morning to hear that a member of our church family is suffering the consequences of some very poor choices.…” Stephen Smith

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Grounded In A Gospel (Self-ie) Centered Generation 

Are you “Grounded in the Gospel”? Not sure what’s going on here but it’s nice to see some of these local self-aggrandizing “gospel centered” sites begin to hopefully self-cleanse or, if church history is any indication, self-destruct. Yet still somehow … Continue reading

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“Submission and the Saviour”, “Shame”……… and the Irony Facing Party “Faithful” Jockeying for Favoured Positions, Influence and a Seat Close  to “Biblical” “Greatness”

[Jeremiah 2:13 It’s one thing to be a broken cistern but it’s a whole other matter to be on a faulty, fractured and fracturing foundation]..

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A Way Backwards…….Reconciliation through a Path to Forgiveness to find……. A True Way Forward

Based on discussion and suggestions, the entire up to date stream of conversation from Facebook with the exception of last names has now been copied and made as a record in one very large comment below this post started some … Continue reading

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