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The Proof is Well Hidden Within the Thick Gospel (Papacy) Pudding

A lengthy response to the insanity continually being unveiled within popular evangelicalism. 1 Timothy 5:19-21 19 Do not accept an accusation against an elder unless it can be confirmed by two or three witnesses. 20 Those guilty of sin must … Continue reading

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The Modern Crusade.. a second look

Festival of Hope, a side that isn’t so obvious yet critically important. I don’t lay the issues I’m about to point out regarding “the local church” at Mr Franklin Graham’s feet however I believe it’s time to begin to re-evangelize … Continue reading

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Dangers Within the Church- Red Cups, Red Flags, Church Splits and Foul Smelling Theology…

(reinstated Nov 16th 2016 after being deleted in some manner) An analytical “gospel centered” response to an inconceivable claim… light of recent history..

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Behind the Veil- Enduring HOPE and growing PEACE through and out of toxic FAITH

Martin Herzberg- Start all Over I had to look up the proper words that would define the statements and events I and others have observed and yes discussed, over the past year and particularly the past 1 to 2 months and … Continue reading

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A Way Backwards…….Reconciliation through a Path to Forgiveness to find……. A True Way Forward

Based on discussion and suggestions, the entire up to date stream of conversation from Facebook with the exception of last names has now been copied and made as a record in one very large comment below this post started some … Continue reading

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Behind the Veil- 1st Anniversary of a Corrupt “Church Plant” & Cover Up

Reposting content from here due to hosting issues rendering the site intermittently unreachable. As expected, a temporary diversion and record to follow up with matters at hand. Lest we forget our past and present and history repeats itself. Crossway … Continue reading

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For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face…

Welcome to As we travel this journey of  healing, rest, and work together for as long as the Lord will tarry or we go to our eternal home, I would like to begin with the premise of what this … Continue reading

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