Hay, Stubble And A Happy Final Wooden Anniversary and Congratulations are in Order.. 

“Like heavy old rusted shackles laced & adorned with cheap flowers designed to camouflage and attract the unsuspecting, so is modern religion adorned with its pedastolic promulgators of interpretive truth claiming freedom for the soul while filling the heart through dulling the mind with subservient “unintended” obligation and guilt in the name of “sound doctrine, good theology and being ‘gospel centered’ , whatever that means and looks like because many aren’t seeing or feeling it… “

Take a breath for the following… a little long winded as usual.

Well it’s only appropriate to congratulate Crossway Community Church Langley Surrey along with its now defunct surrogate” church plant” Redemption Hill Church and all their directors & leaders at the time (already aforementioned) and “legal counsel” at that time on its wooden anniversary of the unsanctioned much unanticipated “spirit led”, at the time, and ill fated Redemption Hill church plant “missional outreach program”- a typical hipster church descriptive action point mouthful.

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THE SHACK … Embracing the Pains of Hope, Love and Joy

The Shack, an excellent portrayal.

Don’t miss the forest through the trees on this one because of religious rhetori

It’s time to put away the sterile tools of empty and often dead religion and FEEL again who the Father in Christ through His Spirit really is…. in these living years before it’s too late.

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The Modern Crusade.. a second look

Festival of Hope, a side that isn’t so obvious yet critically important. I don’t lay the issues I’m about to point out regarding “the local church” at Mr Franklin Graham’s feet however I believe it’s time to begin to re-evangelize the choir so to speak and examine where many of the “lost” ALSO reside- within those sequestered and adorned walls. Many of whom have almost completely lost their way after once having been found.  #greenleaf

One may not agree on some of her viewpoints but Oprah has it quite right in the production of Greenleaf, and you don’t have to be a Megachurch to experience the degree of hypocritical dysfunction enough to drive anyone to, if not abandon their faith altogether, cause significant mental and spiritual health challenges and even suicidal thoughts as they grapple with the dichotomy of cognitive dissonance in an environment meant to display the love of Christ, serve the needs of the vulnerable and protect against injustice- even if it be internal corruption – to work towards peace for the soul.

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Swamp Politics and the “Gospel Centered” Church With  its Self  Declaring  “godly saint” Elites 

As countless media apologies begin to pour in prior to the draining of the swamps and the threat of defamation lawsuits fill the air, valid or not, something different is definitely afoot. The significant exposure to matters of principle and character this Trumpcentric event has brought to Christendom and it’s “leadership”  is no surprise but rather another blaring opportunity likely to be lost on them (the gospel centered “saints of god” )  maintaining the status quo despite the growing apologetic examples of the “worldly media” (as church leadership likes to call them)  who recognize how “wrong” they were in a desperate and occasionally sincere attempt to save their asses, revenue stream and audience. 

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“Submission and the Saviour”, “Shame”……… and the Irony Facing Party “Faithful” Jockeying for Favoured Positions, Influence and a Seat Close  to “Biblical” “Greatness”


Keep it Together – at all cost-… “because we need the money and I don’t know how to do anything else.”

[Jeremiah 2:13 It’s one thing to be a broken cistern but it’s a whole other matter to be on a faulty, fractured and fracturing foundation]..

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Dangers Within the Church- Red Cups, Red Flags, Church Splits and Foul Smelling Theology…

Tony wolf post

(reinstated Nov 16th 2016 after being deleted in some manner)

An analytical “gospel centered” response to an inconceivable claim…..in light of recent history..

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Reprobated approbations, Nehemiah’s “dung Gate” sermon series…. and the betrayal of trust, good faith & truth


A somewhat recent Crossway Church Surrey Facebook post one simply could not leave unattended made on June 14th or 15th goes like this….

“We have a very real enemy who is at war with the church of Jesus Christ. And one of his most effective tactics is to go after the leaders. Kill the shepherd, the sheep will be scattered.” #CrosswayPreaches …..

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