“…..Art is but a Shadow of the Divine Perfection”- USC


“The True Work of Art is but a Shadow of the Divine Perfection”- USC

…. and I must say, this was some work of art and technological genius to behold even though it was commissioned 22 years ago. Couldn’t stop asking questions of the attendants. The mind and capabilities and creativity of God’s handiwork as compared to the finite mind of us, His creatures, through the things He has enabled and allowed us to create, if we expose ourselves to such marvels of the mind and comparisons, it only serves to bring Him the maximum Glory He truly deserves.

Main Rockets

Main Rockets

It’s a very big world around and before us and He reveals the expanse of His wisdom, creativity and a portion of His full orbed glory not only through the magnificence of His creation alone but also through the marvel and ingenuity of man made creations that defy the mind. But will we allow our minds and our children’s minds, without fear, to consider such comparisons and dreams? Can we expose our minds to such diverse wonders He has permitted humanity to create in everything from scientific marvels and achievements to great art and musical content that don’t necessarily cross the moral boundaries of His word and conscience nor are of direct spiritual significance but are there for our full enjoyment and a sense of thankfulness, and awe for the many gifts in all of us that exist on this fallen, suffering yet beautiful blue planet of ours called earth, His footstool? A place where He delights in His creation purchased by His beautiful Son Jesus where He encourages His children to participate in the following  seemingly impossible task and text:

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10, ESV)

till His return or our final breath, that we may bring as many with us as He is able to reach through you and I, ready to give an answer, or possibly inspite of you and I because of our ignorance or self righteousness, which will it be?

Descent Thrusters

Descent Thrusters

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