Swamp Politics and the “Gospel Centered” Church With  its Self  Declaring  “godly saint” Elites 

As countless media apologies begin to pour in prior to the draining of the swamps and the threat of defamation lawsuits fill the air, valid or not, something different is definitely afoot. The significant exposure to matters of principle and character this Trumpcentric event has brought to Christendom and it’s “leadership”  is no surprise but rather another blaring opportunity likely to be lost on them (the gospel centered “saints of god” )  maintaining the status quo despite the growing apologetic examples of the “worldly media” (as church leadership likes to call them)  who recognize how “wrong” they were in a desperate and occasionally sincere attempt to save their asses, revenue stream and audience. 

Let’s be equally honest, the church steeple, you know.. the one with “all the people”, is also in dire need to be turned upside down and emptied almost completely of its “leadership” and many of its political crony eldership right beside the swamp that may apparently be getting drained soon. To think that “church and state” though “separate” aren’t actually governed in much the same corrupt manner in many many instances is to be party to wilful blindness, wilful negligence and convenient naivety, much like the “secular media”,  (once again as they the church leadership like to call them) was, regarding a “deplorable” Trump presidency that they must now face.
A complete upheaval of the church and it’s modern day compensation model along with its tax receipt scheme that is in near direct conflict with a universally mandated “gospel” message that all of humanity apparently desperately needs along with much of it’s sausage factory (a somewhat disgusting experience when scrutinized up close) manipulative even blatantly false preaching pundit articling elites is decades maybe even centuries overdue, as Jesus did with the tables and money changers. So that in the end as a friend said yesterday “Maybe it will drive people from the evangelical movement onto something more Christ like. ” Amen to that.. 🙂
Well, they’ve “sovereignly” sold the farm, and burned the ships now we just watch and hope we don’t scorch the earth. Isn’t it convenient how the theology of sovereignty is quickly forgotten or swept under the rug when outcomes don’t go our way.
It seems the Creator of the universe of whom ALL who call upon His name have access, is making some changes…will the church elite aristocracy see it and recuse themselves?  Or will the inability or fear to secure noncompromising gainful and real employment along with status quo, impotent, ineffective boards stifle change and allow the carnage, abuse and defrauding via silence and coverups to continue?
By God’s grace He WILL bring about change for the preservation of His dearly beloved with or without the cooperation of the “institutional church and its ‘functionally’ huddled saints” that Jesus,  incidentally,  leaves behind to go after the lost sheep who often times actually know they are lost. And I and many say Amen to that slowly unfolding reality.

****Due to the phenomenon of evangelical trolls any comments or disclosures (I understand some have expressed knowledge of fiscal practice within the 15 years of our family’s attendance 1997-2012 comprising of significant amounts of donations as evidenced by CRA records) of issues possibly hidden behind the infamous “confidentiality agreement” can be sent to the new email address crosswaychurchfinance@hotmail.com Any and all informations will hopefully be verifiable then held in true confidence before any permitted re-inquiry or questioning (of in-tenure Directors)  or action is taken, if any can be taken.  ****


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